Plate reformatting service

We perform all liquid handling tasks typical in screening process such as plate reformatting and replication according to customer specifications. The source/master plates with compounds (either powders or frozen solutions) can be provided to us in any standard 96-well or 384-well bar-coded plates or in any racks with tubes. The prepared plates can either be shipped on dry ice or directly delivered to local customers.


Preparing mother plates by dissolving/diluting compounds in source plates with a solvent specified by customer
  • Solvents: aqueous buffer solutions, DMSO, ethanol, etc.
  • Sonication to facilitate dissolution
Replication of mother plates
  • 96-well to 96-well formatting
  • 96-well to 384-well formatting
Plate reformatting
  • Cherry picking compounds from one plate and transfer into another with a specified new plate map
  • Adding controls to specified plate locations
Serial dilutions by rows or columns
Plate barcoding
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