Saryna Technologies LLC is a CRO specializing in flow cytometry-based screening services.

FCS Analyzer Software

High-Throughput/High-Content flow cytometery screening service

Our proprietary flow cytometry-based screening system allows processing of up to 4,000 samples per day while collecting up to 11 parameters from each cell utilizing up to 3 lasers and up to 9 fluorescent and 2 light scattering channels. Our unique analysis software facilitates fast data analysis with fully customizable Microsoft Excel data output templates for final data processing and reporting.

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Multipopulation dot plot

Multiplexed screening of compounds targeting GPCRs

Utilizing our patented sample preparation and analysis system (US Patent #7,858,040) we are able to harness the power of single cell analysis in GPCR screening assays. The system is extremely sensitive with capability to detect even 1% of cells responding to a particular stimulus while analyzing multiple cell populations in a parallel fashion. This allows for selectivity profiling by comparing compound activity on multiple receptors of interest expressed in different cell line populations including naive cells in one mixture thus tremendously reducing compound consumption and shortening analysis time. Our analysis software separates and independently analyzes each population stained with a specific combination of tracking dyes. With only one laser up to 9 different cell lines can be mixed and analyzed simultaneously in a single well, yielding a receptor selectivity profile on each test compound. With two additional lasers even higher number of concurrent cell sub-populations can be tested simultaneously.

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Plate Reformatting

Plate reformatting service (master/daughter/assay, etc.)

We have all necessary equipment to perform liquid handling tasks typical in screening process: general plate reformatting services as well as master plate reformatting into sub-master/daughter/assay plates according to customer specifications. Plates can be either shipped on dry ice or delivered to local customers.

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